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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 19, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, it is debate day. the final face-off between donald trump and hillary clinton. how they're preparing in vegas and where this morning trump has another trick up his sleeve inviting a supporter with the last name, obama. we're live with the latest. police are searching for suspts school parking lot wounding four students. this morning witnesses are describing why they thought it was a prank. caught on camera. new video of a theft that could change the way you pump gas. the obamas host their final white house state dinner complete with a long list of celebrities and an italian menu. a good wednesday morning to
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the much anticipated third and final presidential debate. now just hours away. >> yes, donald trump and hillary clinton are engaging in the meantime, in psychological warfare of sorts. clinton will have mark cuban and republican business executive meg whitman in the debate hall for her and president obama's half brother will be there to support donald trump. meanwhile, the president is slamming trump over his claims that the election is rigged. abc's stephanie ramos has the latest. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: diane and kendis this is donald trump and hillary clinton's last chance to make a case in front of tens of millions of voters and senior campaign officials say a more aggressive trump will show up to the debate tonight. as for clinton, her camp says people will appreciate how she stands up to him. hillary clinton touching down in las vegas for a final one-on-one matchup against donald trump. clinton spending last few days in new york preparing for the debate.
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>> she's resting. was she rested for the last debate, she didn't do too well. >> reporter: clinton's camp would disagree saying the debate prep pays off and the polls prove it. tonight clinton is expected to go after trump's rigged election claim. and allegations of trump's sexual misconduct. >> i have tremendous respect for women. >> reporter: with less than three weeks to go until election day trump will try to turn the page after a slew of recent allegations he made unwanted sexual advances toward women in the past. accused trump of sexual misconduct. one of those women, a "people" magazine reporter who says that in 2005 she met with the trumps for a profile story. but says when melania was out of the room, trump shut the door behind us and within seconds he was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat. trump denies it. >> why wasn't it part of the story? >> reporter: "people" magazine published testimonials from five of the reporter's friends and
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trump will also be pressed to defend his claims that the election is being rigged against him. president obama calling him out on it. >> he is whining before the game is even over. things go badly and you start blaming somebody else. then you don't have what it takes to be in this job. >> reporter: after tonight's debate, clinton campaign officials say she'll have an aggressive schedule in these final weeks. as for trump, he's predicting he'll win one of the greatest victories this political history. kendis, diane, back over to you. >> stephanie ramos, live from washington for us, stephanie, thanks. full coverage of the third and final debate tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern time right here on abc and also live streamed on an investigation is under way into possible voter fraud in indiana. officials say thousands of first names and birth dates were changed in the statewide voter registration system but so far they found no indication the system had been compromised. abc news surveyed election
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hillary clinton is facing more criticism over a new batch of e-mails released by wikileaks. one e-mail apparently sent by a campaign chairman john podesta listed dozens of possible vice presidential picks. the names were organized under food groups sorted by race, gender and other categories and bernie sanders was alone at the bottom of that list. wikileaks founder julian assange may be paying a price for those ecuador's embassy confirms his internet access has been cut off. assange has been at that embassy for more than four years avoiding extradition to sweden where he faces sex crimes allegations. the state department denies claims that ecuador was pressured to cut assange off and ecuador says it acted on its own. isis is reportedly preventing civilians from leaving mosul as the battle over the iraqi city enters its third day. the u.s. is helping a 94,000-member coalition try to
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hold on the city. a bbc report says isis militants are now sending civilians toward buildings that may be targeted by air strikes and this morning we're seeing new isis propaganda video. militants firing weapons and a rocket at an iraqi bulldozer destroying that vehicle. an eight-hour humanitarian cease-fire meanwhile, is under way in syria but not without controversy. russia is lashing out saying rebels refuse to withdraw from aleppo. the russians also claim that rebels are preventing civilians them as human shields. meanwhile, doctors without borders says the cease-fire is too short to allow the wounded to be evacuated safely. a manhunt is under way in this country for suspects after four students shot near their high school in san francisco. the students were in the parking lot when they were hit by gunfire. a 15-year-old female victim is in critical condition this morning and police do believe she was the target of that shooting. three other students were less
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one student couldn't believe what was happening. >> i saw people running through the hallway. i thought it was a joke. i thought it was a prank. something was going on but by the look on everybody's face that's just something you can't fake. >> san francisco police are on the hunt for the suspects. there will be extra security on the campus today. summerlike warmth is gripping lots of country. yesterday record highs in m stick around today. more records could be broken from the northeast to the deep south. temperatures will approach 90 near atlanta and new orleans. low 80s again in new york city and washington, d.c. and we're also watching this tropical system forming in the atlantic. it will likely become tropical storm otto by the end of the week and we'll track its path for you. those warm temperatures greeted hundreds of guests at last night at the white house. >> yeah, and the first lady sure heated things up with that
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minister and his wife for their 13th and final state dinner. a lot of people talking about the rose gold dress from versace that the first lady wore. now, during his toast the president raised a glass to the alliance between the u.s. and italy and he got a little personal, as well. >> we both married up and because of our wives we eat better, we dress better, we better and we thank you both. >> that was very nice. singer gwen stefani entertained the guests and mario batali was the chef. we'll have more later on. galaxy note 7 have filed the first suits. a brush fire sparking in
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firefighters near los angeles have been battling a small but stubborn brush fire overnight. the flames are being pushed by winds of up any structures. then in colorado at least five homes have been destroyed by this out-of-control fire. the junkins fire has burned more than 16,000 acres and forced thousands of residents from their homes. the fire started when high winds blew a metal outbuilding into the power lines and then now those winds are helping spread the fire. a manhunt is underway in
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was gunned down. it shows him jogging before he was shot in the head. he presided over appeals over several drug cartel figures including el chapo. the mexican president promised a full investigation. two experienced divers have died in an underwater cave in central florida some 260 feet below the surface. it took dive teams two days to recover their bodies. the huge network of caves known as the eagle's nest is north of a. them. samsung firsting its first class action lawsuit over its smartphones. the case was filed in federal court in new jersey but it's not directly connected to the phones catching fire. instead owners are seeking damages because they had to keep their contracts even after being told to power down the devices and wait for a replacement. people getting social security will see a small increase in their checks next year. about $5 a month for the average recipient of the cost of living
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it still tops this year's zero percent increase. delta is out with new outfits for its more than 60,000 workers. flight attendants and others showed off the new line which was designed by zac posen, the famed designer. now, delta calls the uniforms contemporary. the airline also says they fuse bold colors and classic styles and the outfits reflect innovative spirit of delta. there are some unique colors that are being used including what delta c cruising cardinal and ground speed graphite. all right. those sound a little focus group tested expected to be in use companywide by 2018. looking good there. when we come back, don't turn your back even when pumping gas. the brazen theft caught on camera. and the viral video of a daredevil's jump when he misses
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this may look like a scene in san francisco or london perhaps with all that fog rolling through but this actually played out in boston. it happened because of moisture coming in from the ocean mixing in with what weather people call onshore winds. >> beautiful scene. kind of creepy. speaking of travel, though let's check the road conditions for this morning. it'll be dry in boston a some wet roads from the great lakes across the midwest and all the way to texas and louisiana may complicate driving for some this morning. also wet in the northwest. singer adam levine and his family have been the target of what appears to be a cruel prank. >> someone accused him of hitting his wife and newborn baby girl but phillies say the allegation turned out to be totally false. here's abc's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: police in los angeles say last week an
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adam levine was abusing his wife and 4-week-old daughter dusty rose. >> any time an allegation is made where a child is being abused and in particular a very young child they're going to immediately want to jump on it. >> reporter: abc news learning the lapd's juvenile division investigated the complaint and found no evidence of abuse and closed the case. but this morning, while police say no charges have been filed some winner himself was victimized. the call to police reminiscent of s.w.a.t.'ing, making a prank call to trigger a s.w.a.t. team response on innocent victims. kayna whitworth, abc news, new york. now here's a video that can serve as a reminder to us all to be alert even when pumping gas. this happened in south florida, you can see two men pull up on the left just across from a woman who is about to fill up her tank. when she gets out to enter her
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then you see the thieves take off and drive away. she's standing right there the whole time. and police in atlanta say a teen driver was at the wheel of a stolen car when it flipped landing on a house. the 16-year-old was thrown into a neighboring yard now in critical condition. witnesses say they saw the car crash into fences, mailboxes and power lines before finally launching into that house. and a new jersey woman may be alive this mor the kindness of strangers. moments after she was thrown from her car and pinned underneath it. seven good samaritans stopped and help lift the car off her. the woman is now in critical condition with multiple broken bones expected to recover. emotional moment on a beach. a swimmer lost at sea for hours finally walking into the arms of his worried wife. the man had been in the ocean with his son-in-law when they were swept away by a strong
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managed to pull the other man to safety after searching for an hour. now to some sports. let's start with baseball, shall we. >> things are getting tighter in both league championship series. highlights now from espn. good morning, america. i'm scott van pelt. tuesday in sports belonged to the american league and national league championship series. we begin chavez ravine in los angeles. take a 2-1 lead, the cubs gave the ball to jake arrieta, and after a great a grandal, a two-run homer to give the dodgers a 3-0 and win 6-0 and shut them out for the second con second time. another provided by justin turner. huge game four in the offing. huge game four for toronto if they lost the series was over and they get josh donaldson in the home run column for the
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lead and donaldson providing great defense as well. in the top of the fifth that diving stop off the bat of carlos santana prevents the game tying win from certainly scoring. jays go on to win and they'll need to keep winning if they don't want their season to come to an end. season yet to start in the nba, that gets under way next week. we finish up the preseason here on espn wednesday. knicks and celtics 7:30 eastern followed by the warriors and lakers at 10:00 eastern. we will see you then. up next in "the pulse," who is next in line for the rock & roll hall of fame? plus, what took them so long? m&ms new favor appears to already be a big hit. man: i accept i'm not the deep sea fisherman i was.
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? time to check "the pulse" and if you don't like heights be happy you don't have to travel with this guy. >> yeah, so his latest adventure may actually make you turn your stomach there. the california man calls himself 8booth and posted this to youtube. yeah, look at it again, it shows a gopro from the top of a newport beach building into newport harbor. if that's not scary enough he just missed a dock before hitting the water. his other jumps include a four-story leap into a swimming pool. >> he's upping the ante a little bit. the gopro makes everything look more dramatic than it is. >> okay, if you say so. >> but that's still not
4:23 am
and we'll watch them from the ground. the nominees for the rock & roll hall of fame's class of 2017. quite a few relatively new artists and some good old veterans as well. >> the list includes janet jackson who has been turned down in the past. >> yep. >> pearl jam and the late tupac shakur. this is the first year that tupac is eligible. if inducted he will become the sixth rapper or rap group to be honored. >> among some of the older names, zombies, joan baez, chic and journey. they'll be announced in december and inducted next april and hold a big concert at the barclays center. to be nominated it has to have been 25 years since your first album. >> which makes most of us feel really old when we think about those that we have been -- >> tupac. janet. >> feels like it's not that long
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checking our top story, donald trump and hillary clinton will face off in las vegas tonight in their third and final debate. as trump tips to complain about the possibility of a rigged election, a new poll shows clinton with a six-point lead. reports this morning that isis is using iraqi civilians as protection in the fight over mosul. there's word some are being sent towards buildings targeted for air strikes by coalition forces. a student is the parking lot of a san francisco high school. three other students were also hurt. now police are searching for the gunman. taking a look at today's weather, rain in the northwest and the northern plains. thunderstorms from texas all the way to the great lakes and more record-breaking highs today along the east coast. 78 in boston. when is the last time you saw that in october? i know. finally more from last night's big event at the white house where they appreciated the warm weather, i'm sure.
4:28 am
moment >> he said with italy's leader in town they saved the best more last. details now from our correspondent. >> reporter: everyone italian from the lawmakers. >> i pronounce my name cannoli tonight. not connelly. >> reporter: to the hollywood stars. >> we're jews but identify as italian. sui spend a lot of time traveling in i exclusively go out for italian food. >> reporter: they hosted one final state dinner hosting matteo reszi. >> we're thinking of as a typical italian dinner surrounded by family and great friends, pie saesans and pasta.
4:29 am
? i could be your girl ? >> reporter: one guest hope ford a presidential dance-off. >> i hope there's some dancing. there's some good music played. the recurring dance battle of me and the president have had going on for a knew years. >> reporter: other stepped up their fashion game. >> she is wearing armani and i'm tom ford so we're trying to be italian. >> reporter: mario andretti donned these racing themed socks while frank ocean sported a pan of van mishap. >> who are you wearing? >> i honestly have no idea. but i just ripped it, whatever it was. >> reporter: though this was his final state dinner president obama wasn't quite ready to say arrivederci. >> in the immortal words of a great italian-american yogi berra, it ain't over until it's
4:30 am
>> good wednesday morning. thanks for being up early with us. i'm erika tarantal. >> i'm doug meehan. emily is in vegas preparing for the debate. randy is off. the emotional reunion after a swimmer was standed for hours. >> breaking overnight. a cra cruiser. the punishment one driver is facing. >> the final showdown before the election. what to watch for at tonight's last presidential debate. >> we want to check in with cindy. it's already starting warm. >> yes, it is. we're going to try to get near 80 degrees. yesterday didn't work out so well. we're starting in the mid 60s with clear skies. look at the wind out of the southwest, 15 miles per hour


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